Superstore construction in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
October 10, 2004

On August 4th, 2004, Loblaw Properties Ltd. was given an approval for wetland alteration of their site on Starrs Road (Approval #2004-041877).  A condition of this approval 4.f was that "A buffer zone, consisting of a minimum of 10 m of wetland must be left undisturbed between the infill and Broad Brook. Disruption of the remaining wetland is to be minimized and avoided whenever possible." 10 meters is 32.8 feet for those of us still on the imperial system of thinking. 

I visited the site on October 9th, 2004.  Here are some photos of the site along the brook.  You will see that the 10 meter condition has been violated.  I have informed the Department of Environment and Labour of this violation and left it in their hands for resolution. 

I am very disappointed that Loblaws is not honoring the agreement. They want community support for their store but can not find it in their agenda take the basic precautions to which they agreed to protect our brook. 

Dan Earle 

For more information and pictures:

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Drain pipe that will empty into Broad Brook. Construction about 3 meters from Broad Brook.

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