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Raynardton is a small community nestled between Gavelton and Deerfield. This time of year(spring), everyone is talking about graduation, weddings, and, of course, strawberries! The Wood's Strawberry Farm has already started producing a community favorite. Plans for the annual Strawberry Festival are well underway, and this year, due to the heat and early start of strawberries, it will be held the end of June, rather then July. This is an event where everyone gets together and helps out anyway they can. Community members donate old items, or handmade crafts and quilts for the yard sale and auction, helping to raise money for the fire hall. The kids youth group helps out by running games for the other kids. And at the end of the day there's a supper of homemade dishes, sweets, and, of course, strawberry shortcake

It is a close community, where everyone feels like one large family. Many people are related, mostly through old ancestors, those who are not blood relatives are welcomed into the "family" with open arms. The Raynard's (ancestors of the first settler Job Raynard) and Andrew's are the most dominate families. 

The Lake Vaughn is a big part of the community. The lake attracts local citizens and tourists for things like swimming, fishing and skating. Many different types of wildlife make their home in or near the lake. It contains trout and salmon, and there are hundreds of great fishing spots. 

The Raynardton Free Baptist church can be found at the corner of the Raynardton and Hamilton roads. It is a small church, with stained glass windows and a beautiful hardwood interior. Services are held every other Sunday. 

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