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Raynardton is a beautiful, scenic place that attracts tourists and photograhers. Many people use the summer months and quiet atmosphere for early morning jogs or long walks. Fishing and swimming are very popular on the lake. 

Raynardton is beautiful all year round.

 These pictures were taken in January of 1996. 


Raynardton, yesterday and today.

Raynardton, yesterday and today


Lake Vaughn has been drained a few times over the past few years. When it is, local citizens and others from Yarmouth Co. come to look around, and see what can be found. 

You can see remains of fence posts and the "old road" from years ago. (click on the pictures for a larger, detailed look)


Pictures of Raynardton years ago. The first is of Irvin Andrew's oxen, and his kids catching a ride. 

 Joe Andrews and his daughter Belinda.


Farming is now a past time for many, but it was once a source of income and survival. Oxen were used in farming years ago, but once tractors were bought, the Oxen were kept as pets. 

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