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Visit Community Welcome Sept 2002

Old  South Ohio School.
Was located behind Charles Winships home.
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fish1.gifThere are many things going on and many things to do to pass the time snow1.gif
during any season in South Ohio and here is a list of Ten of them.
    1. Hunting during the Fall and Winter months is always fun.
    2. Fishing in Bunkers and Sunday lake.
    3. Playing sports in the Summer is always popular.
    4. The South Ohio Field Day is always a good time for the kids.
    5. There is always room for four-wheelers or dirt bikes on the abandoned tracks.
    6. Many people enjoy playing hockey at the meadow.
    7. Snowmobiling is done quite often on the tracks.
    8. Swimming in the nearby lakes is always enjoyable.
    9. There is plenty of hills to go sliding on in the winter.
    10. Raking blueberries in the summertime is an easy way to pick up a few hundred bucks. 

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