An Architectural Look at OldYarmouth
Yamouth Landmarks


Old Post Office
The Old Post Office, Main Street.

The cornerstone was laid in 1885 for this three-story building,  made of brick and granite. The clock was added at a later date, and came from a discarded government building in Quebec.  It was one of the most handsome government buildings in the province. The Post Office had the only revolving door in Yarmouth. The building  was torn down in 1959, and its replacement was built at the end of John Street. 

The Boston Marine Insurance, Main Street.

This three-story building was one of the finest brick buildings in Yarmouth in its time. Built in 1882 for the Boston Marine Insurance, it was later sold to the YMCA. The building cost $30,000 to build.  The front facade was divided into three symmetrical units. Elaborate brickwork adorned the  widows, the chimney and the facade. The top widows were arched. There were two bay widows on the south and east sides, along with a tower on the corner.  In the 1980`s the grand old building was demolished to make way for the modern new YMCA building.

The Court House
The Old Court House, Main Street.

Built in 1862-63, the Court House was opened on September 22, 1863. In 1889 it was raised and a stone foundation and steps were added.   Two-and-a-half stories high, it had a tri-symmetrical bay front, with stairs that lead up to four columns. It resembled a Greek temple from the front. The Court House caught fire, but was saved. After the fire, an extension was built in place  of the granite steps. But again on March 19,1931 the Court House was completely destroyed by fire.
 A new Court House was built and it is still being used by the people of Yarmouth today.  This picture shows the Court House,  Zion Baptist Church, and the Tabernacle Church ca.  1892. This part of Yarmouth has changed a great deal. The War Memeriial now stands where the Zion Church once was and both the old and new Grand Hotels were built on the Tabernacle Church site.