An Architectural Look at OldYarmouth
"The Western Gateway of Nova Scotia"

Yarmouth`s Churches, past and present

Salvation Army Citadel

Disney Chapel

Milton Baptist

St. John's Presbyterian
All of these churches are still here, but some look very different and even have different roles to play in the community.   The Salvation Army Citadel on Main Street has been well preserved.   The Disney Chapel has lost most of its architectural charm, as has the Milton Baptist Church.     St. John's Presbyterian has been completely remodelled over the years, and early residents would not recognize it.. It has now become a three-story apartment building clad with yellow siding.

Temple Baptist

Wesley Methodist

Zion Baptist 

Providence Methodist

Temple Baptist Church has lost most of its architectural decorations.  Wesley Methodist was torn down and Providence Methodist  mysteriously burned down.  Of the four, Zion Baptist alone has been beautifully preserved.