Wal-Mart & Atlantic Superstore 
August 10th 2004


Construction site Aug. 11th 2004

walmart1s.jpg walmart2s.jpg walmart3s.jpg
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Material is being moved from points A & B to a small hill 
on the opposite side of the small stream { Broad Brook }.

Over the past month of inactivity some siltation did occupy in areas of Broad Brook

I just thought you would like to know if you haven't heard already that superstore got their permit and have started there digging/building again. In case you wanted to go with your camera and snap some pictures.  I heard this information from a present superstore employee so it seems to be valid. Will be checking your site in the next few days about the sears and superstore and any other info u have about the starrs rd area 


I was talking to a member of the town council and he explained that on of the things that the town was worried about was that Walmart wanted to have it zone so that doctors offices could be in the mall.  They were concerned about loosing this from the down town area.   Another thing is that they (the developer } would like to have the liquor store located in possibly the walmart site.

~ Webmaster

It's good to see the "construction" finally on the "going ahead" side of things with Walmart. Time will tell if this is a good thing for Yarmouth or not. I'm all for Yarmouth growing, it needs it. The people have "their favourites" for shopping, and are looking forward to having Walmart here. A "different" store to shop at would be a good change.  Who knows maybe this present growth is all Yarmouth needs for now. Just enough to "satisfy". At least we know there is always room for expansion. 
As for the liquor store moving. Why not? They did put money into improving the looks of their store (not sure why they bothered), however, the issue being, it really isn't part of the "office businesses" the downtown is so largely made up of. I know not many tourist head straight to the liquor store first thing off the boats. The tourist are surprised to see that there aren't more shopping stores, but than again, if the "idea" is to attract for "tourist shops" than Yarmouth has it, and plenty of choices to eat and sleep (and still have their drinks to). 

What more can anyone ask for? Some kind of action activities year around for outsiders(and locals) to have fun things to do and good memories to boot other than bars and gambling... what an idea (pehaps a big family park activities of slides, roller coasters, etc. Just an example). More room for job growth of something different.  Who amongst us has any great ideas for that kind of challenge or some other  ideas?  Bring on the jobs and people! Need I say anymore. 

L. Thibeau