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Carleton is a typical beautifull village you might find anywhere in Yarmouth County; some small business, a close-knit community, basic rural charm. Carleton is mainly a place for rest and relaxation. In the Summer months the area quickly fills with an influx of tourists and vacationers from Yarmouth town and abroad. On almost every road some amount of Summer camps can be found; among the tourists the most popular things to do seem to be boating and water skiing, biking through the more rustic dirt roads, or just taking in the scenery on an evening walk

Another large center of action in Carleton also takes place during the Summer; the annual opening of the YCMA camp Wapomeo. In attendance are plenty of children and teens that can be seen walking to a local lake to take a mid-afternoon dip. For information on the camp, call the Yarmouth YCMA at 742 - 7747. 
During the other months of the year ( Fall and Winter ), The village is far less active, but just as pleasant to be in. The gargantuan abundance of hardwood trees in the area turn color over the Fall months, flaring out in brilliant reds and the like; but since it is a bit chilly, in comparison to Summer, less campers and tourists are about. Much the same for Winter, whereas it is beautiful to look at, but not warm enough for the average visitor. 


Almost like a cave at times, the foliage wraps itself around one of the Carleton roads as a canopy would, as seen in the above picture; also seen is one of the several churches in the area. 

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