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The community of Forest Glen is a small yet beautiful hamlet nearing the border of Yarmouth County.  Gnarled maples and oaks line the highway throughout it, and tiny clearings can be seen where the first homes stood.

There is still activity here, though; In the Summer, there is a Canoe Poker Rally, which is an annual fund raiser for the community center.  The race begins at Wentworth Lake Pocket Wilderness Park in Corberrie, and the finish line is the community center itself.  These fund raising events have helped the center to gain money over the last few years, and this money has gone into repairs and additions to the center. 
Throughout the rally, racers meander through lakes and build a poker hand by drawing cards at different stops along the route.  Life jackets are mandatory, and the rally takes four and one half hours.

 Seen here is the Forest Glen Community Center, the focus of fund raising in the community over the last few years.


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