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The villages of South Ohio, Deerfield, Pleasant Valley and Carleton in the Township of Yarmouth, had previously been colonized by descendants of New Englanders and other pioneers of that flourishing place.

 In or about the year 1848, Nelson Brittain, Sr., Joseph Brittain, and Lyman Allen, natives of Yarmouth or the vicinity (perhaps Chebogue) founded Upper Carleton, later named Forset Glen, which was located on the Southern side of the Digby line. 

They followed the river until they found a place suitable to build log cabins, and here they settled. Some time later the road from Carleton was extended, and more permanent frame dwellings were erected near the road. Nelson Brittain settled on what was later the Gardener lot, while Joseph Brittain settled on what was later the James Allen place. Lyman Allen's land was later owned by Owen Sweeny. 

In 1858, John Charles Wilson, George Reynard and Daniel Hamilton joined these premier colonists. Mr. Wilson resided on land owned by his widow; Mr. Reynard on his own lot; and Mr. Hamilton remained where he still lives today (when this history was recorded). Meanwhile, David Robbins made some improvements to the land and built a log house by the river. He, however, soon left, and was succeeded by Kyer White, who cleared the lot further. 

Also in 1858 a saw mill was built by Daniel Hamilton, John Reynard Kyer White, David Hatfield, John Halstead and Jacob Reynard. This was erected over a stream on the West side of the highway. John S. Harding, a son of Israel Harding, was for many years Customs Officer for the District of Argyle His grandfather was the Rev. Harris Harding ( pioneer Baptist minister ). He was replaced as Customs Officer by Kyer White in 1865. 

John Gavel of Tusket Lakes settled in 1867 on the property opposite the residence of his son, Enos. Charles Brittain, son of Joseph Brittain, built a house further North. A Baptist meeting house was built in 1880. 

Forest Glen is much like Maitland and Brookville in earlier times, united in religous concerns, and also formed a Border school section until recently. 

Footnote:  Olga Neal
NB: The paragraph re Customs Officer etc. is not clear whether Kyer White was a replacement as Customs Officer or as Baptist minister????? I deleted some Messrs. and Mr's and one esq. since they weren't used consistently. This is great stuff for genealogical researchers and should be exact. 

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